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Red Cars Taxi is a one of the premium companies in the area for ordering a Hemel Taxi. We have been a constant in the area for past few years and we’ve built a reputation of quality and reliable services. 

There are a number of large companies in the Hemel taxi sector and we have always worked differently from them, and this is because we aim to build up a consistent customer base that come to us time after time to use our services. 

Our Hemel Taxi fleet has been growing steadily since we began, but one thing that has never changed is our commitment to our customers and our insistence on quality. 

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Why Order a Red Cars Hemel Taxi?


All of the drivers we have in our Hemel taxi fleet are experienced CRB checked drivers and understand how important a relaxing Hemel taxi ride can be. Red Cars Taxi are fully registered and compliant with all local laws and practices. 

The difference between us and other Hemel taxi firms is that we know exactly how much the journey will cost you before we even set off. This is because we charge by the mile, so you’re not charged for circumstances that can’t be controlled.

Red Cars Hemel Taxi Services offers taxi’s within the Hemel Hempstead area travelling to airports like Luton, Gatwick and Heathrow Terminals. We are proud of the fact that our customers think of us as the only Hemel taxi company that they would consider. 

Hemel Taxi Airport Returns

Red Cars Hemel taxi services track all flights back into the airport, and that way we know when you’re due to arrive, if there are any delays, and this prevents any unnecessary delays. 

We have a customer base that often chooses to utilise our services on a regular basis, and we are committed to ensuring that these customers enjoy a safe, relaxing journey. 


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