Cheap Taxi Hemel Hempstead


It’s easy to understand why this is a common Google search.  The cost of transportation can vary wildly, especially over short distances. Taxis are the obvious choice - they run on your timetable, as and when you’re ready, and can be scheduled in advance.  What’s more, they’re trusted and licensed, unlike other cheap driver services.


So the right price taxi comes down to two things - time and distance.  Naturally stopping half way to your journey may save costs, but is hardly efficient, and until you learn to control time, you’re going to be stuck at the whim of the weather, other drivers and traffic.  Being stuck in a cab with the metre running can be a disappointing experience as the numbers tick up and up at every red light.  So the cheapest option? Book a car service which charges by the mile, not the meter - book us!

Red Cars taxi service use a set rate for our journeys, meaning we can tell you how much you’re going to pay before you even confirm the booking.  We have set rates for Airport Transfers and charge only time and a half for 11pm-7am trips, unlike much of our competition who favour double time.

Want to see how?  Fill in the quote form now and we’ll tell you how much your journey will cost before you book!